Watercooling parts–Part 2

September 19th, 2011 Comments off

The rest of the parts arrived here today:

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Watercooling Parts–Part 1

September 17th, 2011 Comments off

This is the first batch of the watercooling parts. The rest of the stuff is arriving Monday by courier.


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New Case + Update

September 16th, 2011 Comments off

Long time, no post. Soo, firstly an update on me, I’m currently about to start University at the University Of Southampton studying Electronic Engineering (MEng – 4 years).


As my pc is currently in a movable state (When I got my new Graphics Card, ATI 6970 2Gb, my primary HDD cage wouldn’t fit in, thus it’s cable tied to the side). I needed a new case, I also decided to redo my water cooling setup (Plus I haven’t yet installed a waterblock on my GPU), whilst I would keep my Reserator 2, It will only be used as a radiator with no electronic in it.


Here are the case pictures, I went for a Coolermaster ACTS 840.





Popup I/O!


Yeah, I kinda dropped the case from about .5m, there was no damage whatsoever to the case but the floor suffered…


Talk Talk following me

June 20th, 2011 2 comments

Hah, take that sTalksTalk (TalkTalk stalking bot).

Basically I was looking in my server logs and noticed that something called TalkTalk Virus Alerts Scanning Engine was accessing files which noone knows about, stuff I was working on. That means they are scanning what urls I access. (You can read about it here: https://nodpi.org/2010/08/07/talktalk-becomes-stalkstalk/)

After googleing I found they’ve been doing for a while, and haven’t been stopped; they claim its part of their “HomeSafe” thing, you can Google it.

So, I thought, can I play with the bot? So I set up one of my fast servers that whenever a random string at a particular url it would server up a 500MB file (The server has a 1gbit pipe and unlimited b/w so it’s no prob to that) (Like a honeypot)

Then I made a quick page which just kept loading random urls on my server, my script would instantly disconnect, just sending the request. This means there was no real load on my home broadband but their bot would pick up the request.

I then sat watching the server throughput shoot up and saw the requests from the bot flooding in about a minute after I started.

I left it going on two pcs and did some other stuff…

A few min later the trigger scripts had both sent about 10,000requests. I looked at the logs and noticed the Talktalk bot was no longer sending anything…

I then checked it hadn’t just blocked the url/ip of the server with the honeypot on by trying another domain I hadn’t used yet.

So far there’s been no request from the bot to the new domain/ip, so either I broke their servers (Extremely unlikely, seeing as they are scanning hundred of thousands peoples broadband urls) or I was blacklisted (Most likely).

Either way it means they won’t scan my url. If it starts up again I’ll step up the honeypotting.

Opera Facebook Popup Disable Script

February 18th, 2011 Comments off

I have made an Opera version of my image popup disable script.

Click here to view it

Facebook Popup Image Disabler

February 17th, 2011 Comments off

I was tired of that popup/lightbox thing when viewing images on Facebook, so I made a Greasemonkey script to get rid of it.

Click Here

Rubens’ Tube Pictures

February 10th, 2011 Comments off

I know it’s a year late but I’ve finally got round to writing about what happened. Basically we built it but we failed to get any soft of visible waveform. Part of the problem was we did it outside and even very slight wind caused a massive disturbance of the flames.

This is the first set of pictures of the built day, they’re un organised so there may be some pointless ones in there.

A month or so later we persuaded our Physics teacher to let us run it at school in his classroom. We actually managed to get a visible standing wave due to two things, first there was no wind and secondly I miscalculated what the frequency should be because I forgot that propane is of different density to air. Also using a square wave provided a better view.

Unfortunately no pictures were taken of this however someone spectating have posted a YouTube video of it.

Max is the guy who keep relighting it, You don;t see me until the end as I’m adjusting the sound. At the end (About 4:02) I’m the other guy next to max also wearing a brown shirt.


Found the rest of the pictures, over 100 of them:

Rubens’ Tube Construction – Day 1

May 19th, 2010 Comments off

Firstly the penultimate delivery arrived today which contained the drill bits, speaker and safety equipment (masks and gloves). Secondly whilst most of the construction and actually using it is happening on Saturday, I decided that it would be a good idea to start the drilling of the pipe today so we didn’t have to waste time Saturday.

The tube is 3m long and there are holes every 1cm with a 10cm margin either end, therefore 280 holes. We ordered both 0.5mm and 1mm drill bits, starting with the smallest. So my brother and I started by affixing a drill stand to a workbench and used some pieces of wood to support the tube whilst drilling.

The first problem was that because the drill bits were so thin, when the chuck was fully closed the bit could still slide in and out, luckily I used some electrical tape to pad out the bit thus enabling it to fit on.

Here are some construction pics (click for original image)

My brother marking the holes on masking tape (I gave up after 20)



Drill Setup



Close-up of the drill bit



My Brother doing some drilling



Me Drilling (The bit is so small and spinning so fast that you can’t actually see it in this shot, but it is there)



You may have noticed there is an absence of any gas fittings etc, a large delivery of about 60 items including all piping, jointed, fittings and regulators.

Also we’ve got some marshmallows to toast :D

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Rubens’ Tube – Parts

May 18th, 2010 2 comments

For my latest project (first), my friend, Max, and I are building a Rubens’ tube, a big Rubens’ tube. We’re using a 3m long piece of galvanized steel, 8mm copper tubing, propane tank, etc. Everything is on order, so far the following things have arrived:


Steel Tube:


Steel Tube



Propane Tank


Propane Tank


And, just in case:


Fire Extinguisher


Fire Extinguisher


Latex Sheet – For Diaphragm


Latex Sheet



It is taking place this Saturday (22nd May). Watch my blog for the pictures and video.

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One cause of “PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure”

February 24th, 2010 Comments off

I’ve recently moved this blog onto a new VPS server in the UK, to improve my editing speed of other sites and most peopel looking at my blog are in the uk, It’s not to slow for the US or anywhere else anyway.

The point is when I tried to upgrade wordpress, or any plugins I got this error: “PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure”

Some quick googling shows that normally the error is due to a problem with the http.php file makeing corrupt archives. I tried the new version but to no avail, I was then looking at the sourse to see if it used a function I forgot to enable for some reason and saw this line in /wp-admin/includes/file.php (which contains the extracting function):

&ini_set('memory_limit', '256M');

Now the server only has 256MB at the moment, which is enouge for my use; but this will cause the above error unless it is lowed, I set to 128M with no problems.