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Rubens’ Tube Pictures

February 10th, 2011

I know it’s a year late but I’ve finally got round to writing about what happened. Basically we built it but we failed to get any soft of visible waveform. Part of the problem was we did it outside and even very slight wind caused a massive disturbance of the flames.

This is the first set of pictures of the built day, they’re un organised so there may be some pointless ones in there.

A month or so later we persuaded our Physics teacher to let us run it at school in his classroom. We actually managed to get a visible standing wave due to two things, first there was no wind and secondly I miscalculated what the frequency should be because I forgot that propane is of different density to air. Also using a square wave provided a better view.

Unfortunately no pictures were taken of this however someone spectating have posted a YouTube video of it.

Max is the guy who keep relighting it, You don;t see me until the end as I’m adjusting the sound. At the end (About 4:02) I’m the other guy next to max also wearing a brown shirt.


Found the rest of the pictures, over 100 of them:

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